itsLogic game

a game of logic

ItsLogic is a game of pure logic. Develop your mind and enjoy the challenge anytime, anywhere

mental challenge

portable mental gym, entertainment for everyone.

cultivate your intellect

With itsLogic you can develop and enjoy your capacity for reasoning and deduction in an entertaining way

easy to play

You can use itsLogic as a fun mental gym or as a hobby for entertainment at any time.

itsLogic game

for everyone

ItsLogic is a game for everyone. No matter your age, we are all logical beings and enjoy the ability to reason.


You can adapt itsLogic to your tastes and preferences and play at your own pace.

Welcome to itsLogic

pure abstract and symbolic logic

the logical deductive process is the basis of our rational capacity.
itsLogic improves abstract reasoning.

develop your mental power

strengthen logical reasoning, improve attention and memory, discover relationships between different variables ...
will make you improve in many facets of life.

the challenge is fun

There is something exciting when you manage to chain reasoning and decipher the enigma. We are logical beings and we enjoy being so

on almost any device

itsLogic works well both on desktop devices and on mobile devices. You can also share your game between your different devices.

designed for mobile

you can play and enjoy anytime, anywhere, itsLogic works perfectly on your smartphone or mobile tablet.

It's free

ItsLogic is available for free at major digital stores,
you can start playing right now.

itsLogic is in your favorite online store, and it's free

google play app store windows store

frequent questions

ItsLogic is available in major digital stores. You can currently find it on:

Google Play
App Store
Widows Store
Amazon Underground
Facebook Gameroom

you can share your settings between your devices in any of these platforms

It would be strange if it were not. whether you are a genius of the deductive process or are beginning.It is an extraordinary mental gymnastics because it is pure abstract and symbolic logic. Develop your capacity for logical reasoning and, besides, it's fun.

ItsLogic is a fun and entertaining way to cultivate your intellect

It's pure abstract and symbolic logic

you will develop your mental power

you will improve attention and memory

you will strengthen the logical reasoning

and you will discover relationships between variables

the challenge is fun

DO NOT. You can play with itsLogic absolutely for free. You can also get extra wild cards and gold wildcards with sponsored promotions. If you prefer, you can also buy gold wildcardsand the pro license to make the game more comfortable. you can make the purchase from the application itself

but the application is exactly the same and you can do everything without paying

any device that can access any of these platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop PC, smart TV ...) with touch screen or mouse

Google Play
App Store
Windows Store

therefore, practically any device and does not require that the device has a special power, although it is always preferable.

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